Sono Luminus – w/preset

August 11, 2010

People always ask me about how I get my colors. Most the time I do not know (true story). To prove this I saved out the preset for you to use and perhaps look thru and tell me what I did.

Download: isayx3’s warm/green lightroom preset
(note, with all preset and actions, unless you have an image taking with similar conditions the results will vary. I did try this on other shot but found I needed to adjust the WB. The result was almost a green Lomo type effect.)

I also want to mention the lens I took for this shot. I used the Nikon 35mm F2. Probably my most used and favorite lens. I’ve been seeing this lens pop all over the place for about $200…what a deal and a half!

Here is the SOOC for you to try it on:

  • smudgechris

    Thanks for sharing Ed. I'll have to give it a go when I get home.

    I do find that all your images do have that pop that mine lack. The colours seem to jump out at you, yet never oversaturated.

    Thanks again,

  • Gabriela Koopmans

    I have photoshop.. to bad :(

  • Chiat Hau Lee

    Thanks for the sharing Ed. Hope that you could keep up with your sharing. :) I really love reading your blog. :) It is so informative. Is there any other preset that you could share? Specially on those purplish feel photos that you have? I really love those. Thanks again Ed! ;”D

  • Rachel Celeste

    awesome! saved!

  • Sarah

    Thanks Ed! I am going to have to check out that lens

  • Brett Walters

    Sorry to sound daft, but I'm having trouble downloading the presets, is this because I have a MAC or am I just doing it wrong?

    Great photo though, the feeling, emotion, processing if the photo is terrific.

  • isayx3

    try right clicking and save as. I noticed in firefox the file just opens.

  • Brett Walters

    Awesomesauce, it was Firefox, I just used Safari and it worked perfectly.

  • Waseef Akhtar

    Thanks for sharing.. you've really got some extraordinary images!

  • callissa

    This is a fantastic shot, gorgeous colours and such stunning bokeh!!

  • Andy

    Split toning, very nice color choices. You can also get some cool effects in LR3 when you adjust the calibration sliders for the camera profile.

  • grotography

    How does that lens cope with a DSLR? Everything works?

  • isayx3

    everything is a regular autofocus lens

  • sionghchan

    Thanks Ed! This is great! Frankly, I would like to thank you for being an inspiration to a lot of us aspiring hobbyist. I'm a big fan of your work in your Flickr stream and do strive to achieve your level of post processing expertise. In anycase, many thanks again…

  • Melanie Louette

    It's beautiful. The bokeh is amazing! All I get when I click on your preset link is a big column of words though.. darn.

  • isayx3

    you mac users! right click and “Save file as”. It should save it. You might have to take of the .txt if it adds it. Firefox and safari try to open the file i the browser for some reason.

  • Tim Norris

    Love this shot.. I think it was finding this on Flickr that prompted me to add you in my contacts.

    Great blog and beautiful shots…

  • Rick Trainor

    Well this just proves how strong your compositions are Ed I think people often mistake your shots for powerful processing. I also use Lightroom as my main workflow I'd be lost without it. Neat preset thanks for sharing.

  • isayx3

    I think because of PP fridays people think I just post process my shots and make them look good…the truth is I picked the images for that project based on if they were good shots to begin with. I think composition is my strongest skill.

  • Corey

    Chuck Norris doesn’t sleep… He waits…

  • Corey

    Sorry, I had to.

  • Trent

    hi, Do you still have this preset available for download? I’m interested in how you achieved that lovely green. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    The link for the preset is not working, and yes, thanks for sharing that set up pic (earlier through filckr).

  • Yannick

    Hello Ed !! I can’t download the preset ! It is anymore avalaible ?
    Thanks !!


    hi,this is Hyper.Ur pics look greaaaaaaaaaaat!!!

  • Aaron

    Would love to have that preset! When I click to download, it only goes to an error unavailable page. :^/

  • yuan

    can give me the isayx3sWarmGreen.lrtemplate profile? can’t downlaod it!

  • Hanna Tapang

    I would really love to download this preset also! or maybe just a tutorial! Love your work!

  • Stevo

    Looks great, I can’t download the preset. Anyone have another link?

  • Doreen

    I love your style! wanted to try, but unfortunatelly the file is offline :(.. can you up it again?