From Darkness to the Light

August 16, 2010

This shot was taken a while back when I went out to the Linda Vista Hospital Shoot that Brooke Shaden arranged. The shot was actually the only planned shot I had in mind when I went there that day. I saw this morgue in pictures and I came up with this idea. I wanted to do it so it looked more surreal than creepy (although it might still be creepy to some). We found out later that this wasn’t actually a real morgue but one built by some film or tv production.

I set to out to achieve a look where the room looks to be lit only from moonlight and the model would be lit from a glowing light from one of the compartments. We actually had a fan in there power by a Vagabond II, but it really wasn’t strong enough to do much. In the end I am happy with the results as the lighting turned out like I had hoped. (see below for setup)

A big thanks to Olivia Clemens who came and modeled for me. She actually came up with the “dress flip” to make it look like it was blowing….brilliant! Down below I added a couple of shots I took of her before she had to get back to work. I wish we had more time!

  • Kimberly Sink

    beautiful! not creepy, but wistful. hopeful.

  • Matthew Walton

    Very nice shot. I love the very very light touch on the fill. It's almost invisible, but I'm sure it made a difference in the overall tonality. I'm always blown away by your simple yet effective usage of light. Great job once again.

  • Jorge Moreno Jr

    Fantastic post Ed… Agree with Kimberly Sink ” Beautiful and not creepy” only can you can pull something off like this!

  • Waseef Akhtar

    Wow.. Just stunning! thanks for sharing..

  • laurenlemon

    Wow. I love these other two you posted! Ed, I want to see all your stuff from that weekend!

  • Fmartinezledesma

    Your blog is amazing, I'm very lucky to be able to read it! Keep it up artist!

  • Narizoke

    keep sharing pal, you are beautiful.

  • spiderbaby666

    these morgue shots are my favorite!!!

  • Juliefraserphotography

    Love this!!