Natural Backlight

November 19, 2010

While in El Paso shooting a band I had the opportunity to go to some new locations. One of them was this really cool loft that had a huge window. Trying to come up with new ideas I decided I would try to use the window as a huge backlight.

The effect was easy to achieve. I knew if i were to drag my shutter a bit (1/160th) the bright light from the rear would blow out and wrap around. This alone would result in the subject to be lit from the rear and sides but the front would still most likely be underexposed. To counter that I added a single light (sb-800 in a 42″ softlighter) front and center of the model for fill. That’s about it. The shot took about a minute to setup. This was actually one of my test shots before the band stepped in.

  • Matt Givot

    love your work man, you have such a style that is your own. Thank you for sharing

  • sof1a

    I agree with Matt.
    well done ED.

  • Sergio

    great stuff, and thanks for sharing with your followers!

  • mohan37

    Beautiful…looks fantastic. I always love the tips.

  • Tonya

    Brilliant shot Ed, lol

  • Trismicphoto

    Alright this is exactly why I’m envious. You get to hang out daily with the lovely Rosalie so even your test shots are post worthy. Nice job with the back lighting.

  • Russellperkins

    too easy. Keep it simple, keep it beautiful.

  • michael

    Thanks for insightful info. I just wish you would write just a little about the postprocessing.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

    So beautifully clean and crisp as always. Need to get me one of those windows!

  • Favito142

    The photo came out great and great explanation. Thank you.

  • xaver

    Really nice ! I’m quite surprised how contrasty the photo looks with so much light entering directly the lens. Did you have to work a lot on that ? Usually it tends to flat the contrast when I try it.

  • Lara Lima


  • Marc Wiegelmann

    Great one đŸ˜€ she looks a bit like Hale Berry, doesnt she?!?

  • Guille

    Sensational idea. Gotta try this.

  • Guille

    Btw, althought the background is blown out, it’s not pure white. How did you do that?

  • Bkbut90


  • Edd Carlile


  • Waseef Akhtar


  • Nick

    I like your work, it’s really inspiring ! keep posting :p