Level 4 – Adventurer

September 1, 2010

Another shot from my trip to Linda Vista Hospital a couple months back. This was an “on the spot” idea and the whole setup probably took about 5-10 minutes. Kelly from work was kind enough to step in as the “Adventurer”. I really enjoy doing the themed shots like this and I really need to make it a point to try them more often.

Overall I am happy with the image. Things I would have done different….Fine tune the key light to give her a better outline. I would also have preferred a brown jacket for a little bit more color.

There was also a rumor that a certain photographer slipped and fell going down the stairs…good thing there is no video evidence of this. The level 3 text was actually on the door.

Model: Kelly Kiker
Assistant holding rear strobe: Joe Sibal
Assistant on front strobe: Owen

  • John

    its like a ghost busters scene haha

  • Apj

    staff and talent, careful on the set! nicely done, hopefully only your pride was bruised.

  • India1968

    i always like the way you share your strobist info, ed.. especially the sketch, so informative! you are definitely one of the coolest photographer đŸ˜€

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/FFKYVLVDXIB7OS7DAFTZKH2QN4 Ames L

    very cool! love the green effect.

    i wonder how the picture would have come out without all those lighting setup…

  • http://www.plainjoephotoblog.com isayx3

    it wouldn't have..it was pitch black :)

  • Psquaredpics

    Another winner. Great stuff Ed.

  • http://twitter.com/waseefakhtar Waseef Akhtar

    Wow! setup took about 5-10 minutes? you must be kidding me.. Amazing!

  • http://www.redskyni.com Rick Trainor

    Ouch! Hope the Gluteus maximus is on the mend. Love the goggles and bag. The green light adds the sense of adventure along with the composition and mischievous face.

  • JM


  • http://carpictures.ca/ Joe D

    Wow just amazing, wonderful shots.
    I’m def going to add a link to this page, thanks. cool backgrounds, wallpapers, silly pictures, desktop backgrounds, photography