Labels Lie

I had the opportunity to shoot the Labels Lie campaign for People of the Second Chance. It was probably the biggest shoot I have been apart of. The style is so very different than anything I have done in the past.

“The campaign’s focus is on being liberated from the prison of societies labels. We don’t have to live with the shame of what people have said about us. We don’t have to accept these statements as our identity.”

For more information on the Campaign, please check out POTSC

These are the first 3 the series. As more are released I will update this blog and add them to the set. I will also be adding more behind the scene images.

This being such a serious issue I knew from the start that I wanted these portraits to be dramatic. I first started experimenting with the lighting. I wanted to do something that would give a unique catch light. So I started with 2 strip boxes on either side of my subject. At this point I felt the lighting was too full and not dramatic enough. I then raised the light higher and pointed down at the subject. This gave me the dramatic shadows I wanted. As far as post process…I wanted it too look the opposite of a beauty shot. I don’t do much b&w work, but in this case I thought it would best bring out the details in the textures. For the background I used textures from Jessica Drossin’s texture pack 2.

Below is a picture of the lighting setup I used.

Creative Director: Mike Foster
Makeup Artists: Amy Clarke & Megan Foster
Hair Stylist: Diane Lopez

Thank you everyone who was there that day helping out. It was an amazing day.

Up Close and Personal (photo by Laura Milner)

  • Aaron Kim

    What a great looking crew!

  • Aaron Kim

    What a great looking crew!

  • Jmoreno415

    The best work I’ve seen you done.  This reminds me of Jeremy Cowart’s work but of course with your touch to it.
    Very impressive and very inspirational.   It’s great seeing you do great Ed. 

  • Aldo

    Those portraits are soo awesome ed !

  • Annie

    awesome stuff, this is really inspiring

  • Jim Gray


  • Inês Lopes

    Wow. This is absolutely stunning… Love the light and the idea. Congratulations!

  • ash

    AMAZING work.

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  • Caitran

    So incredible.

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  • Bill Van Loo

    I’ve really been struck by how powerful this series is (been following it on the POTSC site), and just yesterday wondered who shot these images. Great work!

  • patrick macinnes

    Really good concept and the final imagery speaks for itself. Massively impressed by everything you shoot Ed, keep it coming :)

  • Juliefraserphotography

    I absolutely love this series!! Your work is incredible.


    great work!
    the edition and lights are
    absolutely amazing!

  • Nl327

    Amazing work! Could you tell me what gridded strip box do you use please? Thank you in advance!

  • isayx3

    Got them on ebay…generics with a generic speed ring. I had to modifiy speedrings to get the speed lights to attach. The strip box is around 3-4 feet.

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  • Alex Contell

    Congrats Ed. This work is really amazing. Did you really shot with f.2 of aperture? With the flashes so close, doesn’t had to much light? Did you use ND filters?
    Enjoy your chinese trip!!

  • Sonny Saenz

    great idea great way to make the world a little better

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