Family Christmas 2010

December 7, 2010

This year I decided to do something different for our family portrait. I thought it would be interesting to attempt to do a holiday scene. Several weeks ago while my brother was on vacation I decide to let myself in to use his nice kitchen and of course I came armed with lights.

Equipment Used:
Nikon D3
24mm F2.8
2x Sunpak 120j
Nikon sb-800

  • Ben Mathis

    Reall nice work. Even on all 3 subjects, soft pleasing portrait lighting on all 3. Love the framing device of the laurel over the oven around the little girl and woman.

  • Candice Brouillette

    if its a family portrait, where are you?

  • Jim Gray

    hahahahaa…that is your brother’s kitchen!

  • Matt Estrada

    great work! those softlighters are awesome 😀

  • Matt Estrada

    great work! those softlighters are awesome 😀

  • Brian Scott

    I love this — the photo and the setup. Thanks. I’ve been looking for a good idea for my own family Christmas card photo (and this kitchen remarkably resembles my brother’s kitchen too). :)

  • Flo scott

    Love it, I thought at first it was our Son’s kitchen.

  • FernanML

    Perfect work!!! I love tit!

  • antonio mercurio

    very nice. beautiful family !

  • Noah

    Thank you so much for the set up info, Brother Ed. Have you considered being an Amazon Affiliate? If you did, you’d be able to place links to the equipment you use and when people purchase anything after navigating to Amazon from your link, you’ll get a kickback.

    I do it on my blog:

    Thanks again for the knowledge and a great image to boot.


  • Tonya

    Very cool Ed, lol ,:0)

  • Rob Oresteen

    I really have to get a Softlighter soon!! Nice work.

  • Marcostone1

    Great set. Thanks for sharing it and regards from Spain :)

  • Mike

    Hey Ed,
    You don’t know me but I just wanted to say thanks for the photo info you’ve been sharing. I’ve been learning a bunch from your feeds as I start to become more involved with photography. Anyway, thought I’d post this here as this post was an inspiration for my holiday card this year…

    Thanks again


    Wait until your brother finds out.