Altarmotive – Afterglow

December 2, 2010

Couple weeks back I made a trip down to El Paso Texas to shoot the band Altarmotive. Armed with only battery power flashes I set out and spent the whole day with them at different locations. The plan was try to get as many different type of shots as we could. The day flew by. In the end, the last shot of the day was the one choosen to be used on the cover.

Main equipment used was a Nikon d3, sb-800, 2 sunpak 120j’s and a 46″ softlighter.
Textures used were from Jessica Drossin’s Texture Packs.


  • Matthew Walton

    Wow…Love these shots! Especially the one shot through the window. The colors are great in that one. The one chosen has a very Jeremy Cowart feel to it, which is awesome to. Again, excellent job!

  • Trismicphoto

    Excellent work Ed! There is a real polish to these that displays how hard you worked and what ultimately can be done with the limited equipment you had available. As usual the post on all of these is spot on to set the mood. Very nice.

  • Leroy Walker

    I don’t know who these guys are, but I hope the music is as good as the pics. These are awesome pics. If you are ever in the NC area and need someone to assit, let me know. It would be my pleasure.

  • Micah Taylor

    What about lenses? Great shots!

  • JorgeMoreno

    Impressive… you did great.

  • isayx3

    i forgot to add that info. I mainly used a 35mm f2 and an 85mm f1.8. I packed all of my gear was in my carry on.

  • 13 Stoploss

    The B/W is particularly good, not as cold or as warm as some of the colors.

  • Anonymous

    Great shots Ed. With regards the 35mm f2, would you say that’s better than the 35mm f1.8? I know the 1.8 is for cropped sensors but I’m weighing up which one to get for my D90 with the idea of upgrading to a D700 in the near future.


  • isayx3

    I prefer the f2 over the f1.8..some say the 1.8 is sharper..but i dont see it

  • antonio mercurio

    very nice set !!!

  • Anonymous

    your processing is fantastic…really well done!

  • Fong

    I really really love your work! :)

  • Kenneth Roszkowski

    WOW Ed… these are freaking SICK! Totally worth the trip. Interesting locations, solid posing, great lighting, and most importantly, creative concepts. There is so much diversity here, yet every single shot is solid in it’s own right. I’m hard pressed to pick a favorite, but the shot looking through the glass with the light trails is just brilliant. This looks like a portfolio culled from months of work. The fact that you made so many amazing photos in one day just blows my mind. You make me want to get out and shoot. Or quit altogether. …I can’t decide. 😛

  • Josiah

    Great pictures….these guys look like a LEGIT band! Does anyone know what they are called? I wanna check them out!

  • Waseef Akhtar

    Amazing shoot.. I really wanna visit one of your shoot now xD

  • Rick

    Ed your creativity and connection blows me away once again. I bet the guys were thrilled with the results.

  • Rimoni

    Really enjoy your blog and this in particular is of interest. Your locations and technique are impeccable – thanks!