Project 365

Better late than never right? I originally planned to launch this blog earlier in the year and with that launch I was going to recap my 365 from 2009. I was going to shelve the idea, but after thinking about it I decided to go head and post it. I figured people who weren’t familiar with my project can see some of my favorite images from the project. For those of you who followed my project, I thank you very much. Sounds cliche but if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have had the energy to finish it. I have linked the image to their flickr page just in case you want to read the description to get more information.


Army Men

The Last Crusade

Optimus Prime


Mantis Religoiosa


Natural Light

Up Where They Play

Get away for a holiday

What a difference a day makes

Happy Mother's Day

Anti Ad

Polaroid 250 Land Camera

The Grove


Little Mermaid



London Calling

Underneath the Sky

Brooke Shaden

Happy Holidays

Lauren in LA

Cookie Splash Extreme

All who love are blind

Nothing But Net

Breathing Room

Gaslamp District


Balboa Theater


Americana at Brand

Night Shift


Somebody Save Me

The Stars Will Always Shine

2001 Audi TT

Somewhere Only We Know


Watch the stars go out

One day Like this

Alyssum Maritimum

December Rain

  • Karen

    They're so beautiful.

  • Heather Cox

    Wow. I followed last year, but to see them all together just takes my breath away. Soooo much talent!

  • Ames L

    I am in awe!

  • Bela –

    Congratulations. Love your work. A pleasure for the eye 😉 Best regards, Bela –

  • Ritchie Linao

    WOW! Nice photos…

  • Iggy

    I cant believe you left behind the “King of Yard”…. hehehe
    pretty cool.

  • isayx3

    i actually pulled that one at the last moment…so many portraits to choose from!

  • Aaron Babcock

    I remember them well!

  • Sébastien Roignant

    You're my master of bokeh and color !
    Pretty Pretty Pretty good job !!
    What a light !

  • funkymomof2

    Incredible talent! Your Hired…!! The coffee is my fav!

  • Jane Packard

    Love the hummingbird…..and everything else!!! :-)

  • Qqaa

    Will I be able to creat such beautiful images after following your blog? 😉

  • Usman Wajid

    w0w…super cool bunch…well done!

  • Melissa

    fantastic images, love them all!

  • Claudio

    Wow. Thanks for the inspiration. Hope you keep it up with the blog idea!

  • Callissa

    Some of the most amazing pictures I have EVER seen!

  • Gjakovaime

    This is some great work! How in the world did you manage to create the cookie splash image?? Absolutely love your work and find it very inspiring. Please keep it up!

  • Stasi

    I am such a fan. Keep 'em coming!

  • Chris

    Beautiful work. Your use of Depth of Field is incredible.

  • LSullivan

    Your view of subjects is amazing. I love your photos. So glad you started your blog.

  • Bellasqueeza

    Some of my favorites. What an incredible 356 project you had….I really enjoyed following it all year.

  • vivian

    really beautiful images! great talent and skills! thanks for sharing..

  • Marc Wiegelmann

    really awesome shots in that project – and on top its a cool blog! go on with that :)

  • Freitas Junior

    A Well done 365 project. Breathtaking composition, amazing colors and tones. It would be very nice to have a tutorial of your post process.

  • Jmavedillo

    You know i love your shots……

    Now , to see them together in an amazing experience!!!


  • Fau7i

    love you make the color stand out?

  • Rodney

    For me, “The Groove” and “Bokeh Land” are the best by far. Authentic work of art, specially “The Groove”, I can't get tired of seeing how perfect are the details in this. The amazing city environment, the unique perfectly synchronized sunlight.
    Congrats Ed!

  • Luca Brajato

    (A-W-E-S-O-M-E) x (each one) = best stream ever on flickr!!!

    …as I always said!

  • psquaredpics

    Just outstanding. One of my favorite streams on flickr. Keep up the excellent work. Your use of Tones, DOF and framing are second to none. If you ever up in Vancouver feel free to stop by for a beverage or two.

  • Milos

    Great collection Ed!

  • Nassim Ghandour

    wonderful pictures!

  • El Mitchoo

    Woww…So many different things, and always done perfectly!

  • k3vin

    The same photos I fell in love with dude!

  • Waseef Akhtar

    Wow! I just have no words. Seriously! no one can beat you.. You are the master of details! :)

  • michaeljhunter

    You certainly inspired me to try harder :)

  • Minna

    Absolutely beautiful. I'm speechless. I've followed your Flickr stream for half a year or so but I've never checked out your Project 365 photos. Beautiful photos of beautiful people (and things).

  • Kaiser Sose

    Man, these are some of the best pictures on Flickr period. I'm pumped that you have a blog.

  • 陈宁


  • Ang Siau Fang

    You are the best, isaac! You never ceases amaze me. Your 365 project is a masterpiece from the first shot til the very last one. Awesome :)

  • Eric Wideman

    Oh man I remember staying up late waiting for these posts! Brings back memories…. your 365 is incredible!!

  • Rachel Celeste

    you are phenomenal. hands down. incredibly inspiring!

  • Nasir Hamid

    Your work is always so inspiring. I'd love to meet you some day.


  • isayx3

    yeah ive used the 35mm f1.4 on a 5d…pretty sweet lens

    5dmark 2 is a deal..but those lens are so much..i guess if you are making money at photography then you can buy that stuff

  • isayx3

    Sounds good to me..I'm a fan of your portrait work!

  • Emma Roos

    Your Project 365 was truly amazing. It was a honor to follow you. The best 365 project I ever seen.

  • Tomasz

    eeeeeeEEE…can't say anything more. i'm positively shocked.

  • Thayaninha_11


  • laura johnston

    wow. these are truly amazing!!!!!

  • isayx3

    hey laura…thanks for checking out my blog :)

  • JazMinderr

    wow love them all! Im jealous of your mighty bokeh =D