Several weeks ago a friend and co-worker announced she would be leaving us here at PlainJoe. This also coincided with her birthday. We thought it would be fun to do a mini photo shoot with her. I also thought it would be a good opportunity to test out a tri-flash adapter I picked up on ebay. We headed out after work with our sights set on creating a great image and also producing the first behind the scenes video for the blog.

I picked up the tri-flash adapter on ebay for about $15-$20. I liked his particular model because of where the mounts where placed. It distibuted the speed lights evenly around the bracket which in theory would distribute the light evenly.

Pros of using a multiple flash adapter:
+ More light
+ Faster recycle time (2 flashes at 1/2 power will recylce faster than 1 at full..ect)
+ Portability (3 speedlights is still less cumbersome than 1 strobe and battery back)
+ More batteries (more shots that you would get using a single speelight)

– Still not as bright as a 640w strobe
– Using AAs will only go so far. (unless you have a lot of spares)
– More that could go wrong (more speedlights and more cables will increase the possibilities of something not working)

Light setup:
3 speedights in flash adapter mounted in a 46″ Photek softlighter camera Left.

Let me know what you thought about the video. We plan on this being a regular feature.

  • Angelo D’Anna

    Before leaving a comment I gotta decide if I like more the pictures or the behind the scenes video… (very hard)!!! As per the pictures I like the composition and I think they are well balanced with the colors. About the video I can say that if it’s gonna be a regular feature it will only add value to your work.
    To me you can be a wonderful source of inspiration!

  • Anonymous

    Great video and write-up! Really inspiring. 

  • Kevin Geary

    Who does your BTS videos for you?

  • isayx3

    we did it internally here at the studio..but specifcally Aaron Kim

  • Candicebrouillette

    love the BTS video! Include them more! What did aaron use for camera stabilization? 

  • isayx3

    he hand held it

  • Andy Power

    Awesome shots and video Ed … I’d definately love to see more stuff like this!

  • Kristen Mary Potts

    thanks for sharing! :)

  • Anonymous

    In a word, lovely. More videos like this would be very nice. I didn’t realise there was a 46″ softlighter. I have the 60″ and it’s a big boy.

  • Guest

    Nice video. A bit confused about the nest of wires on the flash bracket. Why don’t you just sync cord one flash to the PW and then set the other two flashes to SU-4 mode and let them trigger optically off the first? Those 2 into 1 adapters and extra sync cords are really not required and look rather cumbersome. Just a thought…

  • isayx3

    Good suggestion. I’ve used SU-4 mode most outdoor situation I don’t find them as realiable which is probalby why I didnt think of it. As far as setup…this setup was probalby quicker for me than putting them in su-4 mode. I’d have to do a search online to swithc them to that mode.

  • Guest

    Just press and hold the mode button to get into the menu. Scroll down and turn SU-4 on. Takes all of 5 secs.
    As far as the SU-4 mode working outside. You have all the strobes inside the softlighter so the light from the sync corded flash fires into the umbrella which will without a doubt optically trigger the other two. :-) 

  • isayx3

    thanks..great tip!

  • Waseef Akhtar

    Perfect shot . Just perfect!

  • sony

    Perfect shot .
    I want ask you a question :)
    Did you use any effects in these photos, or it’s original without any effect 😛 ?

  • Pam Booher

    I LOVE this!! It is so fun to SEE HOW you get the shots!!

  • isayx3

    no effects..just some toning.

  • Marvella_anderson

    Lovely photos. I also enjoyed the video.

  • Anonymous

    Lovely shots, very serene and great light. Thanks for sharing.

    Having looked on eBay there seem to be millions of really cheap (nasty?) tri flash adaptors. Which one did you get?
    Second, love the BTS video – more please.
    Finally, which Sigur Ros track is it?


    Just Google Parkylondon, you’ll find me.

  • Guest

    Hi Ed!

    Long time reader, flickr stalker. Love the vid – really cool to see how you get the shots.


  • isayx3

    Just search “triple flash adapter”. I noticed too if you search tri flash you get a lot of the other one. I’ll have to look up what track it is.

  • Van

    Awesome. I think I will buy one! Nice shots.

  • Kriston Bethel

    The lighting works really well in these shots. And the BTS video is great for being both artistic and informative at the same time. I’ll definitely check out that flash bracket!

  • Jeff Eickhoff

    Fantastic video and series, Ed. Thanks for sharing the technical info. Great stuff.

  • Vince Bautista

    Lauren you look beautiful! Great job to Kai too for holding the light! Awesome everyone

  • Aaron King

    Great Stuff…..
    Would love to buy..

  • Harrogate Wedding Photographer

    This is absolutely brilliant.  Bookmarked for future reference.  Nice to see you using the cheaper 1.8 too and not harping on about the 1.4. :)  Definitely do more of these please! 😀

  • vivian chang

    I just love all the photos and videos you posted! love the styles! keep it coming

  • Octavian

    This is great! I have had the same adapter for a while now but i didn’t get the chance to use it. Would you mind telling me where did you get the octa?

    Thanks a lot and great stuff you got here!

  • David

    this was really impressive!  What video camera did you use??


  • Naved Ahmed

    still , these are awesome results :)

  • Stéphane MEURISSE


    I am looking for a three-flash adapter … but I can not find on the web … Perhaps you have a link?! thank you

  • elizabeth pellette

    gorgeous images

  • admin

    amazing amazing amazing! keep it up!

  • Dan Clark

    Great shots. I love the depth of field. Absolutely beautiful!