November 24, 2010

america's pastime

This isn’t a review but an introduction to a program I recently stumbled upon called LR/Enfuse. LR/Enfuse is a Lightroom plugin that allows you to blend multiple exposures together directly from within Lightroom.

On occasion I will take multiple exposures to blend together to get a greater dynamic range (HDR). In the past I have used programs such as Photomatix. While that program produces great results, I’ve always found there are too many options and more time is spent trying to make it look less fake. I would also like to add that the HDR style is not really something I am proficient at and I’m sure the people who are can navigate thru programs like Photomatix much more efficiently than me.

Several weeks ago I was intruduced to a Lightroom plugin called LR/Enfuse. In a nutshell it simply “blends images of different exposures together in order to create a natural looking image with a greater dynamic range”. So how is this different than Photomatix? Well for one there are a lot less options. You simply select the exposures go to the plug in menu and merge them. The results you get looks very natural.

How much you ask? Well as of now there is no fee for this program but a donation is required. That amount is up to you, but with it you will recieve a registration code that removes all restrictions.

Below I will walk you thru the few steps it takes to use the LR/Enfuse Plugin

Step 1: select the exposures

Step 2: From the Plug-In menu select to enfuse

Step 3: I basically leave everythign on default untill the last tab where I specify the file format. Then simply press “enfuse images”

That’s all there is too it.


* The shot above was done with 3 exposures