I had the great opportunity to be one of four photographers who participated in a [Framed] episode featuring the wonderful Photographer Brooke Shaden. It was definitely out of my comfort zone and a challenge but I left leaving inspired and very glad I did it. This post will walk thru how I achieved the image and showcase the images from the other photographers.

If you haven’t yet watched the Framed show episode 3 of season 3 do so now…

The early day started out in Malibu. Among the first to arrive were the confused photographers. We all wondered what was in store for us that day and began to speculate. The wonderful Brooke Shaden arrived and greeted us all with hugs which helped to quell our nerves. The awesome Melissa Niu & Crew arrived and so our journey began…

We hiked up several miles into the hills of Malibu to a site where a mansion once stood. After the introduction interviews were done we got started or I should stay Brooke got started. For the next several hours Brooke walked us thru her process and gave us a little insight to her magical world. (If you ever get a chance to see Brooke speak or go to her workshop, I highly recommend it.) We were then informed of our task….to create a story with the knowledge we were imparted with. Excitement Fear filled our heads.

The story I came with was a take on Alice and Wonderland. My character had found a key and unlocked a magical world which she fell into…floating down and being caught in a bed of leaves. I used one light for the setup. A single ab1600 in a softlighter directly to the left of my model – Sonalii Castillo. One of the requirements of the task was compositing. For my shot I wanted to show depth. My thought was to shoot wide open and take several frames of leaves in the foreground and background. This was achieved with a remote and some awkward leaf throwing. In post I compiled the frames and this was the result:

The following are the stories created from the other photographers. Be sure to check out their work. It blows me away the creativity that was there that day. (we should go on tour…”We’re Gettin the Band Back Together!”.

Samantha Fielding

Anna Skahill

Andrew Kufahl

For me this was a day to remember. Not only was I inspired by the photographers, but I made friends with awesome people which I will follow for years to come (can we get some crackers with this cheese). Big thanks to Melissa Niu, the [Framed]Crew, my model Sonalii Castillo and my friend Brooke Shaden (to whom I owe a portrait).