Level 4 – Adventurer

September 1, 2010

Another shot from my trip to Linda Vista Hospital a couple months back. This was an “on the spot” idea and the whole setup probably took about 5-10 minutes. Kelly from work was kind enough to step in as the “Adventurer”. I really enjoy doing the themed shots like this and I really need to make it a point to try them more often.

Overall I am happy with the image. Things I would have done different….Fine tune the key light to give her a better outline. I would also have preferred a brown jacket for a little bit more color.

There was also a rumor that a certain photographer slipped and fell going down the stairs…good thing there is no video evidence of this. The level 3 text was actually on the door.

Model: Kelly Kiker
Assistant holding rear strobe: Joe Sibal
Assistant on front strobe: Owen