Labels Lie Campaign Pt.2

July 10, 2012

You may remember earlier this year I posted the portrait series in the Labels Lie Campaign. Recently the second campaign was launched.

A teacher called you slow.
Your dad called you a pussy.
A preacher screamed you were going to hell for what you did.
Your best friend said you looked fat in those red pants.
Cosmo said sex was the only way to be sexy and that thin is in.

Somewhere, sometime, someone spoke words over you, and their lies cut deep. You believed them, and became labeled.

We are here to say Labels Lie, Don’t accept them, Don’t use them.

People of the Second Chance

Photographer: Edward McGowan
Creative Director: Mike Foster
Makeup Artists: Amy Clarke & Megan Foster
Hair Stylist: Diane Lopez

In the next few weeks I will be updating with a few new images to this series.

Used the desklamp as the main light and the flash as a side accent light. I balanced for the incandescent which resulted in the strobe being much cooler to simulate the natural light coming in from the windows.