Get Made / Get Whacked

July 12, 2010

Last week I was asked to shoot photos for possible posters for the upcoming Las Vegas Mob Experience. The idea was to have an image of a guy who is “Made” and then in an alternate poster he is being “Whacked”. My first concern was the second shot, I have to have a person behind the subject emerging from the shadows. How would I do this and not make it look cheesy. In the end I think I came up with good lighting configuration that kept the tone very dark and moody that also hid Hitman. (Note: on some monitors the textures in the back are not visable).

For the above treatment I used a the fireplace texture from Jessica Drossin’s Texture Pack 1. I also included preview of the pre-treated image below before Dodging and Burning so you can see where there was unintentional light spill on the backdrop.

Get Made / Get Wacked

Lighting Diagram for the shoot:

I will most likely still tweak this image for the final poster. I will update this post with the final image later.